Spiced Roots Restaurant

A Caribbean Delight!

It was a grey cold February morning; snow was falling from the bleak skies above as I ventured into Oxford. However, after my tour that evening I was not rushing home but had dinner booked with some fellow guides. We had decided to try on the Cowley Road.

is a small family run restaurant and about a 15 min walk from the centre of Oxford. To fit in with tour timings, we had decided on an early evening meals so I wandered down to meet my fellow Oxford experts as the restaurant was opening for 5pm. The frontage of the restaurant is small but with the light shining through, we were welcomed inside to a warm and pleasant table in the window. Cocktail menus were presented to start but sadly due to having to drive home, we could not take full advantage of the many options available.

Having never eaten Caribbean food before, I did not know what to expect or really what to order so we opted for the ‘samples menu’. A broad selections of starters was presented on a slate plate – Jerk chicken, Lamb, pitta bread, dips, cod. We delved in with great delight! It was all delicious and so well presented.

Our main course then arrived, another grand selection and by this point we had all fallen in love with the Caribbean delights!

For desert we had a selection of three cakes including the mouth-watering banana bread which I had already read about from the on-line reviews. Simply stunning!

Thank you to Jamo and his team for welcoming Walking Tours of Oxford to Spiced Roots. It defiantly gets the thumbs up from me and I look forward to returning soon!