Endeavour Filming Series 8 – March 2021 – Part 2

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It was interesting to see all the positive comments and eager anticipation for Endeavour season 8 as it began filming last week.

Reading some of the comments and thoughts, it would seem many people share my view that this will be the last season. That is a bitter pill to swallow as we will miss our Endeavour but I have high hopes that the writing, casting, directing …. will all be as magnificent as always. I could be wrong, I hope that I am but remember there was 33 Morse episodes, 33 Lewis and after these 3 that will bring is to 33 Endeavour. What are your thoughts? Do post in the comments below as I would love to hear from you.

My concern is that it can’t end well. We never hear of Fred Thursday in Morse later so I fear something will happen to him. I have been rewatching Endeavour over lockdown 3 and it has been gripping, when watching in close succession to see Fred and Endeavour relationship become close and then begin to wane.

I have just rewatched Coda (season 3. Episode 4) of Endeavour which has some superb acting. What jumped out at me this time was, when Endeavour and Joan are caught up in the bank raid and she is trying to conceal her identity. They ask her for her name, thinking on the spot she says ‘Joan Strange’. There is some speculation that Joan will marry Jim Strange, is this a hidden message?

Also, as we move forward is anyone else thinking that this will be the first without Barrington Pheloung? I am feeling a little melancholy. I was lucky enough to meet Barrington some years ago at Colin Dexters memorial service and he was a lovely chap. The Morse universe will miss him.

Mind how you go!

Heidi x

Endeavour Season 8 filming 14/3/21. Shaun Evans double. ©walkingtoursofoxford Christine Bainbridge
Endeavour season 8 filming 14/3/21. This scene took 15 takes! ©walkingtoursofoxford Christine Bainbridge
Endeavour Season 8 filming 15/3/21. Behind closed doors! ©walkingtoursofoxford


24 thoughts on “Endeavour Filming Series 8 – March 2021 – Part 2

  1. Alexandra Butschko says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I could imagine that we will lose Thursday in the 8th season. I don’t think Ludo is dead. I think he’s going to show up at Oxford looking for revenge. I’m afraid that season 8 will be the last season.

  2. heidi says:

    Thanks Alexandra … I think you might be right about Ludo, I am currently working my way back through Endeavour so will have to analyse again when I get to season 7. So worried about our Fred! Stay safe and well and Oxford is waiting for your return!

      • heidi says:

        Thank you very much Sanjeewa … really good to know that and others will be interested. Appreciate you sharing with me. Stay safe and well.

  3. Dawn Gardner says:

    Shaun Evans in Endeavor is brilliant, Hope it’s not last series. I just want to protect him from some of his bully colleagues. I’ve loved every episode of every series. You can’t end it!

    • heidi says:

      I agree – Shaun is an amazing actor and a really nice chap too! So nice to read that you enjoyed every episode – Let’s keep everything crossed that they do more then the upcoming season 8 but I think Shaun will want to go on to other things! Heidi x

  4. Sanjeewa De-Alwis says:

    The guest actors who will appear on Endeavour Series 8 will be announced in the near future.

    • heidi says:

      I am still so impressed you found the episode names for season 8 – look forward to hearing about the guest actors, they always have such a fine cast. Thank you! Heidi x

  5. Dawn Gardner says:

    Sorry, can’t allow Shaun to go off doing other things. I need more endeavor, It’s on T.V tonight same episode as last night but I’ll watch it! Excellent!

  6. Sanjeewa De-Alwis says:

    The Endeavour Series 8 episode plot details will be announced in the near future for all 3 episodes of Endeavour Series 8 (S8F1, S8F2 and S8F3).

  7. Sanjeewa De-Alwis says:

    Endeavour Series 8 will be set in 1971 and some of the episodes in Series 8 will feature the Oxfordshire Postal Strike of 1971 and the Decimalisation Day of 1971.

  8. Sanjeewa De-Alwis says:

    The List of Endeavour Episodes on the Wikipedia entry will be updated when Endeavour Series 8 Episodes will be added on the list. They are as follows (Octave Series 8 Episode 1 (31), Lazarus Series 8 Episode 2 (32) and Flowers Series 8 Episode 3 (33).

  9. Sanjeewa De-Alwis says:

    I think that Octave will be the first episode of Endeavour Series 8, followed by Icarus. I also think that Flowers, the third and final ever episode of Endeavour will be made.

  10. DawnGardner says:

    I’ve just left the lovely endeavor in a prison cell. It was another brilliant episode, yes I’ve seen it before. Poor Thursday, getting shot he’s so sweet, I can’t wait for the new episodes. I’m like a kid at Christmas!

    • heidi says:

      I hear you Dawn! Can’t wait for the next season although think this could be even more ‘poor Thursday’!

  11. Sanjeewa De-Alwis says:

    The 8th and final series of Endeavour is expected to air on ITV on 5 September 2021 at 8pm, starting with Octave (S8E1), followed by Lazarus (S8E2) on 12 September and the final ever episode, Flowers (S8E3) on 19 September.

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